Thursday, 29 October 2020

The worst the left has to offer rallies to Corbyn's defence

Today has been full of good news for a change. The ECHR Report was published and found that the Labour Party under Corbyn and with his connivance & that of his inner circle were responsible for enabling discrimination against Jewish people inside the Labour Party. These charlatans have been exposed for what they are.

Corbyn in a feeble attempt to undermine the report with his usual denials has been suspended from the Labour Party and the whip withdrawn, hopefully as a prelude to his expulsion. Already the hard line Corbynists, Marxists, Trotskyists and assorted anti-Zionists have been protesting his innocence. Corbyn himself has said he will "fight this vigorously". 

Whilst Corbyn has been digging a hole for himself the Labour Against the Witch Hunt alliance of the worst the left has to offer including expelled members like Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson have teamed up with Ken "Hitler" Livingstone to organise an on-line rally in his defence.

Meanwhile Tina Werkman (who may or may not still be a member of the Communist Party of Great britain - Weekly Worker) writes in half-hearted support for Corbyn:

Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn! Of course he was right - "the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents". Shame he didn't he say so when he could have made a real difference to the witch-hunt and the civil war in the Labour Party.

Werkman also dismisses the ECHR Report and says that at this meeting they will:

Although the report itself is a damp squib, there are important implications for the left in the Labour movement; chiefly the danger that Keir Starmer will further intensify the witch-hunt. We will also discuss the terrible response by Corbyn's chief of staff Karie Murphy, who seems to stress in this article how keen the Corbyn leadership was to throw as many socialists under the bus as possible.

Momentum have also deemed to comment laughably trying to claim that the party's actions undermine the fight against antisemitism:

We know that Jeremy Corbyn is a lifelong, dedicated anti-racist.

This suspension risks politicising Labour's response to antisemitism. It is a massive attack on the left by the new leadership and should be immediately lifted in the interests of party unity.

They want us to give up. They want us to throw in the towel. They want us to feel despair. But we’re not going anywhere.

Momentum exists to build a socialist movement and shape the future of our Party. We remain completely dedicated to that mission. Let’s stay together and stay strong.

Their full statement can be found: here

The Labour Left Alliance led amongst others by former CPGB (WW) member gone native Lee Rock has organised an on line petition to call for Corbyn's reinstatement and even begun to circulate a "model motion" for pushing forward at CLP meetings. 

The motion as expected states that Corbyn has said no more than other Labour members that have been "wich-hunted (in plain English exposed) for racism and tries to pretend it opposes antisemitism and is only anti-Zionist despite the far-left covering for people with some really disturbing comments, memes including down-playing the Holocaust.

The full text can be found: here

Last (for now) but by no means least the quislings of Jewish Voice for Labour continue their efforts to cover for antisemitism in Labour and have launched a separate petition of their own. They write:

We are appalled that Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended from the Labour Party and had the whip withdrawn. He has a proud record of fighting all forms of racism including antisemitism. This is an attack not just on Jeremy, but on the majority of party members. Do not leave, organise and fight back.”

The majority of the Jewish community including myself have no such qualms. Corbyn and his followers made antisemitism mainstream and hid behind so-called anti-Zionism" in order to cover their tracks.

These four organisations contain the worst the left has to offer. These extremists do not belong in a mainstream social democratic party. They do not believe in democracy as the history of their various movements show. Those in the camp of Corbyn brought intolerance, bullying, racism and misogyny into the party and even fall out with themselves when the "line" is in dispute. 

The sooner these "comrades" are gone the better for everyone. A real opposition party and potential government can be reformed while they fester on street corners.

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