Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Peace & Justice: Appeasement Soviet Style?

The launch of Corbyn's new vanity project Project for Peace and Justice is reminiscent of the old Cold War style British-Soviet Friendship Societies and their like. Even the one sided Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was dominated by Stalinists and their allies who like Corbyn saw the Western democracies as the enemy either excusing or totally ignoring atrocities and human rights violations by the Communist Party.

There were similar bodies set up to defend several of the Eastern bloc or other Communist regimes of old. There still exists a "Friends of Korea" run by the likes of the New Communist Party and others (1) who support the brutal North Korean regime which has developed the world's first hereditory Communist dictatorship.

There are parallels with these groups and Corbyn's so-called "anti-imperialism". Last year Jeremy Corbyn and Yasmin Dar (a Labour Party NEC member) appeared at a rally to support and praise the Iranian "Revolution "and defend it from "imperialist" attacks.

Corbyn and many of his supporters have and continue to appear of the now banned in the UK Press TV, a propaganda channel run by the clerical dictatorship and notorious for interviewing a political prisoner under the supervision of his torturers (2).

The leaders of the Stop the War Coalition Lyndsey German and John Rees still get paid work for this bogus news channel, You won't see any criticism of Iran from them. Of course their idea of "peace and justice" is similar to Corbyn's and only condemn Western intervention ignoring the indiscriminate bombing of the Russians and barrel bombing by the Assad government.

In fact Corbyn's whole approach to peace has always been one sided. His supporters have defended his links with the IRA Sinn Fein saying this was to "assist the peace process". Yet Corbyn along with his former sidekick John McDonnell were notorious for supporting the armed struggle. 

The Corbynistas often point out that Thatchers Government amongst others had meetings with these people but ignore the simple fact governments met both sides something Corbyn never did. His peace simply meant total victory for the republicans regardless of the consequences for the protestant population.

It's the same with the Middle East conflict. Corbyn and his supporters claim that meeting and supporting Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah (all his "friends" even though these groups all hate each other) is for peace but once again Corbyn has never met with the Israeli's and disgustingly when the disputes over antisemitism arose under his leadership refused to go to the Holocaust Museum in Israel when invited by Labour's sister organisation.

Corbyn had no excuse. He's managed to find time for Hamas and their ilk. He just isn't interested in peace and for the Corbynistas that means "from the river to the sea" a genocidal threat to the millions of Jews living in Israel.

If Corbyn was genuinely interested in peace he would meet both sides, attempt negotiation and compromise along with reconciliation and understanding but neither he nor his supporters are either capable of or interested in such things. Only bringing down "Western imperialism" is their concern.

Abuses of the Palestinians by Hamas and Fatah oppression of minorities and imprisonment of trade unionists and the torture of political prisoners including rape of women in Iran is ignored. Every Iranian sponsored "Al-Quds day Corbyn and his allies will be seen ignoring all this on a march and event paid for by Iranian blood money. 

The hypocrisy of Corbyn and his movement is endless. They condemn foreign intervention in conflict only if it comes from the West. The Russians and Iranians involvement in places like Syria and Yemen is ignored.

Examining the bland platitudes of the "mission statement" written for the Project for Peace and Justice we can expect more of the same. Like the old British-Soviet Friendships of old Corbyn will only see the world  as it suits his ideology and desire to follow the latest trends and slogans that his followers decide is the priority of the day.

As for peace and justice neither Corbyn or his movement will ever achieve anything except appropriate other peoples conflicts to massage their ideological mores.



(1) New Communist Party a breakaway from the official CPGB in the seventies led by Sid French who opposed Eurocommunism and was a hard-line Stalinist. Current General Secretary is Andy Brookes. The other group involved is the Revolutionary Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) a Maoist sect.

(2) "The broadcaster was fined £100,000 after the channel aired an interview with Maziar Bahari, an imprisoned Newsweek journalist, that had been conducted under duress." (Guardian 20/12/2012)

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