Thursday, 27 May 2021

LOVEBITES / Glory To The World (JPU Records) (New EP Out Now)

Japanese all-girl Heavy Metal band Lovebites have just released their latest EP. Unlike their previous ones these tacks will not appear on  any forthcoming album. For those of you who are not familiar with either the Japanese music scene or this whole genre of all-girl metal or rock music Lovebites is a great place to start. They sing in English on these JPU releases!

Lovebites consists of:  Asami – vocals, Midori – guitar, Miyako – guitar & keys, Miho – bass and Haruna – drums

Available from:

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Eurovision 2021: My New Choice - Finland!

Eurovision may not be to everybody's taste but I've always found it fun. There's not so many silly songs or acts these days which is a shame. The nearest to that would be the dreadful Russian entry.  Like most British voters I had no difficulty in choosing the Polish Milk Maids. The song was alright as well!

It's all a little too serious these days thought the traditions of neighbouring countries swapping their 12 points will continue though the Greek and Cypriot entries are both quite good, In fact some time back I recommended the song from Cyprus mainly because it wasn't a bad little number and it had upset some religious nutters

Now I've had time to reflect and though they say Switzerland and France are strong favourites neither of these songs did anything for me. I rate Malta and Portugal well above them. If were a betting man..... I might put a fiver on Malta.

However the song which really stood out for me was this one from Finland. The influence of Linkin Park can be heard. If there was any justice in this contest it should win.

Today is World Goth Day!

According to the latest newsletter from Kerrang Radio today is World Goth Day something I wasn't aware of and decided well it might just be both a bit of fun to look it up and take part. According to Google:

This international holiday was created in the United Kingdom in 2009. During a week in May, presenters at BBC Radio 6 were looking into different music subcultures on each day. On May 22nd they were playing Goth music, and DJs Cruel Britannia and Martin Oldgoth decided to unofficially declare it Goth Day.

World Goth Day is observed on 22 May. The Official World Goth Day site defines it as "a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world."

So now  I know!

Although I'm not a Goth I do wear sometimes wear clothes aimed at that market and do have more than a few records and CDs which fit in that genre. I've seen The Sisters of Mercy and Siouxsie And The Banshees at the Royal Albert Hall and went to several Fields of the Nephelim gigs, and it is they who provide a track to help celebrate the day!

Thursday, 20 May 2021

Free Tibet:Take Action: Say No to Beijing 2022


In February 2022, Beijing is set to host the Winter Olympic Games. The Games will be a prestigious event: a festival of elite sport and a chance for the Chinese Communist Party to impress the world with a dazzling opening ceremony and advanced infrastructure.

Behind the sport and the spectacle, are real human rights abuses and atrocities carried out in Tibet but directed by the Chinese government in Beijing.

We must oppose these abuses with action! Add your name to our petition telling the British Olympic Association that we must stay away from Beijing 2022.


Mass arrests, torture, attacks on Tibet’s culture, language and religion, zero freedom of expression and the displacement of Tibetan nomads.
The genocide of the Uyghur people and the shredding of civil liberties in Hong Kong.

How do these atrocities meet the Olympic values and principles of respect, friendship, diversity, and autonomy?

By telling our athletes to compete at Beijing 2022, the British Olympic Association is closing its eyes and ears to the outrage of the British public and those who stand for human rights around the world.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has refused to move the games or even raise the alarm about torture, armed crackdowns and genocide.

It has ignored Tibetan voices and put athletes in a difficult position by insisting that the Games go ahead in Beijing. It has learned nothing from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which were preceded by police violence and soldiers deployed to Tibet.

Few spoke out in 2008, and today the situation in Tibet is worse than ever, with Tibet being ranked the least-free country in the world in 2021
. The Chinese government must not be allowed to use another festival of sport to legitimise its brutal policies.

The IOC may refuse to move the games but we do not have to sit in silence. Tell the British Olympic Association that we must stay away from Beijing 2022.

Friday, 14 May 2021

Act Now! Algeria: Free union leader Mourad Ghedia


Mourad Ghedia, President of the SNAPAP/CGATA Justice Sector Workers, has been arrested and placed under a detention order in El-Harrach prison. Join the LabourStart campaign calling for his immediate release.

Mr. Ghedia, a clerk by profession, had previously been suspended in 2012 for almost three years along with 57 other people for strike action, without any procedure having been followed or any supporting documents having been sent to them.

The freedom to strike is a fundamental civil right and an essential corollary of the freedom of association, the detention of trade union leaders for reasons related to legitimate demands constitutes a serious obstacle to the exercise of their rights and violates the freedom of association.

We denounce the arbitrary arrest and imprisonment of Mourad Ghedia and call on the Algerian Government to immediately release and drop all criminal charges against M. Ghedia and to respect the international conventions that Algeria has duly ratified.

Join the protest: 

Thursday, 13 May 2021

On staying outside the Labour Party


Like a lot of politically minded young people of the seventies it was a fairly easy  to drift into the world of far-left and revolutionary politics. There were many like myself who wandered in and out of the Labour Party and got involved ending up in groups like Socialist Action a front for the old International  Marxist Group (IMG) whose best known member was Tariq Ali though he had buggered off by then.

Although I never accepted everything about Lenin and Trotsky (for example always believing their actions were wrong on Kronstadt amongst other things) I did think and perhaps hope a  little too much as it turned out the comrades had learned their lessons. Watching (and taking part) in the factional infighting that tore the IMG to pieces it became clear that the comrades clearly hadn't.

My attempts to remain on the "left" in one of the splinters combined with the blinkered nonsense the Marxists came up with over the collapse of communism across Europe and the Soviet Union led me to attempt the Greens and saw mainstream environmentalists like Jonathan Porritt leave and the party move to the left. At this point I gave up on political parties and decided to concentrate on my activity as a trade unionist.

Despite my left-wing past it was necessary to be pragmatic when involved in the micro-political activity that is the "bread & butter" of the trade unions. Those that remained involved in the various hard left groups became a clear hindrance and over the years I orientated towards voting for the Labour Pary and encouraged others to do so because at least a Labour Government could help my members.

At this point I was labelled a "right-winger" by the Trots as most of them were in the civil service unions (CPSA/PCS) and watched them use their positions to promote various alternatives to Labour Like respect and the TUSC. I stuck at it but towards the end decided that when I retired I would join Labour and hep people that way in whatever minor capacity was needed.

Then came Corbyn and I had an aneurysm (not blaming him for that obviously!) leading to me retiring much sooner. Most of the people I had fought in the unions suddenly appeared inside Labour along with the rest of the far/hard left and their fellow travellers. The intolerance towards those they disagreed with was so full of spite and hatred it was frankly scary. Then of course came the rise of antisemitism.

Labour was no longer for me. I even stopped voting for the party. Even now I can only bring myself to join the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) to become part of an affiliated organisation allowing me to have a legitimate say in the on-going factional struggle.

However there do remain reasons I remain outside. Despite Keir Starmer's best efforts there remain far too many antisemites and their hard left allies in the party. Several openly entryist groups remain active who should all have been kicked out long ago for breaching the rules. The Corbynite left may have retreated but it's stil there and biding it's time. Already the bid to renew their civil war against the mainstream is beckoning after the election set backs.

Having read Tony Blair's excellent article in The New Statesman I can only agree with his sentiment that:

The Labour Party is now scratching its collective head and wondering why the replacement of an extremist with someone more moderate isn’t achieving the miracle renaissance. It is even asking whether Keir is the right leader.

But the Labour Party won’t revive simply by a change of leader. It needs total deconstruction and reconstruction. Nothing less will do.

I have been arguing for a break with the hard-left on various social media discussion groups and believe that Blair's prescription is the right one.  But it doesn't stop at there and addresses this notion of "wokeness" that is dominating political discourse at the moment:

On cultural issues, one after another, the Labour Party is being backed into electorally off-putting positions. A progressive party seeking power which looks askance at the likes of Trevor Phillips, Sara Khan or JK Rowling is not going to win. Progressive politics needs to debate these cultural questions urgently and openly. It needs to push back strongly against those who will try to shout down the debate. And to search for a new governing coalition. All the evidence is that it can only do this by building out from the centre ground.

Woke (as a shorthand) has been used by the US based far-left to describe itself for years and has subsequently been adopted as an insult. That said it does have a relevance that goes beyond what some people think this is all about. It's a reference to a movement that actually doesn't demand social justice but insists on your compliance to a very narrow field of ideological thought. it is itself racist, misogynistic and sexist.

It's practitioners talk about "white privilege" ignoring factors such as class, Jewish privilege without mentioning antisemitism, women are to be denied sex-based rights so that male appended trans individuals can invade their spaces, sports, take away the concepts of motherhood, giving birth and even breastfeeding being discriminatory in their view. Lesbians are called transphobes if the refuse to sleep with trans-individuals with penises.

These people no platform speakers whose ideas they disagree with (particularity feminists), ban books, are behind cancel culture and try to stop research that looks into why people regret transitioning. The list is frankly endless.

One can oppose racism, sexism and the rest without being anywhere near "woke". Trouble with the so-called woke is they are frankly a new kind of Stalinist. They hold equality back by turning people against their stance. Such platitudes are dangerous and frankly the self-identified woke ore some of the most intolerant people outside the Marxist left or fascist right you are likely to come across.

My position on this led to a number of Labour Party activists attempting to find out which CLP I belonged to so they could have me "disciplined" and/or expelled as a "transphobe". They were most put out when they discovered I wasn't a member. One friend of mine was a member and did recive a letter from the arty about her pro-women's rights views being subject to a complaint. She simply quit. I do not intend to join and end up in that position after five minutes as a member.

So I remain outside which allows me to speak freely, write what I want and support women's rights. There's also my quite militant atheism which is often attacked as being "Islamophobic. Well yes I do fear Islam but I criticise all religions and have never been attacked as a "Christianophobe even if there is such a word. But that's for another time.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Israel under attack- Letter to my MP


Dear Greg Hands MP,

I am writing to you as your constituent to ask you to condemn the rocket attacks by the terrorist group Hamas on Israel. 

Hundreds of rockets have been fired indiscriminately by Hamas at civilians, including towards Jerusalem, which has been targeted for the first time in six years. Israel has a right to defend itself against terrorist attacks. 

The escalation in tensions in Jerusalem in recent weeks is no excuse for terrorism. At its heart is a complex private legal dispute in Sheikh Jarrah, which the Israeli state is not a party to.

Internal tensions between Hamas and Fatah over the cancellation of the Palestinian Authority elections have also played their part. 

Hamas has deliberately incited violence and inflamed the disputes over Sheikh Jarrah and Ramadan access to Al Aqsa/Temple Mount. 

Innocent Israelis and Palestinians will suffer if this violence continues. It can be stopped now if sufficient international pressure is put on Hamas to stop the rocket attacks. 

Please add your voice to the calls for them to end the violence. 

Yours sincerely, 

Howard Fuller

Join the Campaign here:

Monday, 10 May 2021

The far-left's dismal electoral performance

With the civil war breaking out once again in the Labour Party it's worth looking at the performances of those organisations to the left who have re-entered the electoral fray following the end of Corbyn's stint as leader. It's a major job collating figures for these small outfits so I've taken a cross section including London to see how they fared.

The two biggest slates were put forward by the Communist Party of Britain (Morning Star) and the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition formed by the Socialist Party (Militant) with the RMT union and  Chris Williamson's tiny Resist organisation.

In London The Communist Party ran a full slate for the London Assembly list but not in the constituencies. They manged to attract 8,787 votes or 0.3% of the total. Their Trotskyist rivals manged to pip past them with 9,004 or 0.3% of the vote.  

The Morning Star claims the Communist Party polled it's highest level of support in years with 13,300 votes around the country. The British Road to Socialism is moving forward once more. Sir Keir must be so concerned....not. 

The TUSC were humiliatingly beaten in Chessington South (Kingston)by the Official Monster Raving Looney Party who got 16 votes to their 7. The shame....

In Stevenage the TUSC stood  9 candidates across 13 available seats polling a total of 329 votes coming last in every ward. 

The TUSC candidate in Scotland (where the Socialist Party have a desperate organisation of less than 50 members) polled 0.7% of the vote in one of the Aberdeen constituencies, coming last since you ask.

George Galloway's Workers Party stood a handful of candidates and got erm...nowhere to be seen.

Oh and Jeremy's even madder brother ex-Trotskyist turned far-right activist polled a grand 0.8% of the London Mayoral vote. We await his return to making weather reports, denying climate change and telling us the pandemic is fake.

All this shows why the hard left clings to the Labour Party for dear life as they know outside where they will have to be open about their Marxist politics the electorate will treat them with the contempt they deserve

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Labour: Time for change


Image: By Source, Fair use

The combination of a humiliating by-election defeat in Hartlepool and the loss of over 300 councillors in last weeks elections was a serious blow to the Labour Party and it's leader Keir Starmer. The hard/far left were bound to begin attacks on the leadership and certainly Momentum was the first to oblige when they tweeted:

A transformative socialist message has won in Hartlepool before, and it would have won again.

How they figure that out when the electorate overwhelmingly swung to the Conservatives is beyond belief and shows what a blinkered world they live in. Labour lost for a whole variety of reasons but voters demanding a full blooded socialist programme? Nah I don't think so.

This has been a difficult year for the Party with political discourse buried by the pandemic. It doesn't help that despite being a highly intelligent and capable man Starmer does not have the charisma needed to compete with Boris. On top of that Labour has become so out of touch with ordinary voters that Joe Haines, Harold Wilson's former Press Secretary wrote in the Daily Mail that:

And the question that voters asked last week was this: ‘What are your economics, Sir Keir?’

They weren’t interested in the price of Johnson’s wallpaper. They wanted to know when they’ll get a house of their own. And put up wallpaper of their own....

The truth is that the Labour Party has lost its roots. Hartlepool was a chance to replant some of them and it wasn’t taken.

Labour’s greatest danger now is that it will shrug off Thursday’s elections as a Covid bounce, that it will resume its search for sleaze, continue to say that everything the Government does is too little, too late and hope that something will turn up. It hasn’t recognised that the Tory Party has changed. The Tories are no longer the party of estate owners but the party of estate agents, slick young men and women with policies they’re prepared to throw overboard if the voter doesn’t like them.

The Tory Party is interested in power. The Labour Party is only interested in its principles, however outmoded.

One looks to Marks & Spencer for its voters. The other has too many who look to Marx and Engels.

One wants to be the majority power. The other is in danger of being a permanent minority party or, worse, the party of minorities.

There is no group too small or remote or too batty for Labour to demand the Government does something for them. Strings of acronyms – LGBTQ-plus? – flow from their lips.

Haines was joined by Birmingham Labour MP Khalid Mahmood  as the  Birmingham Mail reports as stating:

Voters are rejecting Labour because it's been taken over by trendy Londoners and "woke social media warriors", according to a city Labour MP.

"Labour has lost touch with ordinary British people. A London-based bourgeoisie, with the support of brigades of woke social media warriors, has effectively captured the party.

Whilst I might point out as a Londoner that not all of us are practitioners of "wokus pocus" or even that trendy I concur that he has hit the nail on the head. The new social media leftists seem obsessed with their own correctness and are the most intolerant and self-righteous individuals around. Easily comparable with religious fundamentalists and cultists of all kinds.

This new left is authoritarian to the extreme and suppress all and any dissension  where they can. In one Labour discussion group a former Labour candidate from Dorking suggested that:

"... transphobic members of this group who need both to be banned and get in the sea."

When challenged the individual had a hissy fit left some abuse and stormed out of the group. I doubt if he'll be missed but note the sinister threat at the end. Drowning people who don't agree with him. Indeed the general unpleasantness of these types is well documented as JK Rowling can attest. 

It's no wonder that ordinary voters can't relate to so many in the Labour Party who either hold these views or acquiesce to this intolerant tendency. 

Currently Labour is really two parties in one. Whilst some may sit on the fence the time has come for Starmer to have his Kinnock moment and get tough with the hard and identitarian left and  rid the party of this plague. Labour must reform and relate to real people rather than ideologues or it will remain an ineffective opposition party.

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Election fever fails to ignite the nation....


There's only a couple of days to go before a mix of local, mayoral and regional assembly elections take place and despite some political activists reaching for their keyboards to plead for their various causes it seems that outside the political activists closed cloisters and social media the majority of us remain nonplussed.

It's hardly surprising with everyone having been bottled up for the best part of the year it's the re-opening of pubs and of course shops that excite people more. Soon I'll be able to join my fellow pensioners and friends for a cup of coffee and a cake in Neros. Can't wait.

Oh but before then I'm supposed to vote but the candidates haven't exactly made much of an effort to get mine. Since the campaign began there have been just two leaflets through the door one back in April from the other dangerous Corbyn, Piers inviting me to march against the Covid fraud. Wanker.

Other than that only the Tory candidate for Mayor has bothered dropping a leaflet through our doormat. Given I live on an inner city council estate the lack of any sign of Labour worries me. For the first time since Corbyn and his mates took over the party Keir Starmer has begun to win me back though not my partner. She's still not impressed.

I don't think Sadiq Khan has been a good mayor, far from it but for wider political reasons including the continuing power struggle inside Labour will be voting for him and the Labour list. The need to reclaim Labour is a priority since it seems it's proved impossible to build an alternative. Reclaiming Labour for Social Democracy has to be the most realistic way forward.

However despite polls indicating a resurgence of the Labour vote the by-election in Hartlepool looks more than seemingly lost and when it is the hard or farleft elements that prey on Labour will be baying for blood, Ash Sakar was already at it on Twitter today and The Daily Mail reported on Saturday:

Former Jeremy Corbyn aide Karie Murphy revealed that a 'new Left' was now mobilising and raised the prospect that it would 'take back control' of the party.

Ms Murphy – a close ally of Unite union general secretary Len McCluskey, said: 'I have got my ear to the ground – I hear that the big trade unions, the Left trade unions, are organising.'

She also issued a thinly veiled threat that if he was not true to Mr Corbyn's socialist principles, Sir Keir would not last long as leader.

Frankly a leadership challenge is probably unlikely but the comrades will be seeking revenge for having their Messiah dumped and their toys taken away. There is no one who could put up a real challenge for the party and Murppy's suuggestion of Zarah Sultana is laughable. 

Meanwhile Corbyn's backers outside of Labour in the form of the Communist Party and the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (Militant and the RMT plus Chris Williamson's mob) have joined the ridiculous outfit The Northern Independence Party in trying to undermine Labour's vote as best they can thereby helping tthe Tories these people claim want rid.

In Hartlepool Thelma Walker NIP's candidate is attracting 6% of the vote according to a recent Surmation Poll. The Tories seem to be on course to win despite the apparent sleaze. Why? One Labour activist mused on Facebook that he found people hostile to the Tories but equally so to Labour because of the Corbyn legacy. Labour remains untrusted.

Keir Starmer is an intelligent and able individual but does not have the gravitas that so may politicians in this modern age also seem to lack. There is still a long way to go before the next general election and the big issue before then I will be Scottish independence. The Union is threatened and whilst the SNP clearly misleads the Scottish electorate on the economic outcome of a breakaway, the unionist parties have a difficult job ahead.

Thursday night will throw up some interesting results. I'll be looking at the fringes in subsequent posts plus the reactions of those shouting for a return to the hard-line nonsense that defeated Corbyn last time.

I will be voting Labour but remain sceptical about the party's future unless it makes the real changes needed to dump the recalcitrant leftists and move closer to being a modern party for a modern world.