Monday, 24 January 2022

Stop the War Coalition backs Russian Aggression.


Last week as the crisis in the Ukraine deepened and it looked like Russia was preparing a second invasion of their neighbour (Putin previously invaded and annexed Crimea) I posted a comment to the leader of the StWC Lyndsey German. It was a very simple and I would have though uncontroversial request about when the anti-war movement would be organising a demonstration outside the Russian Embassy.

I got no reply not that I expected one. When I queried the actual Stop the War Facebook and Twitter accounts as to whether both Lyndsey German and John Rees their leaders still worked for the gay hanging clerics TV Channel Press TV I got blocked. You can read from that what you will....

However given that  the thoroughly misnamed Stop the War Coalition failed to organise demos against Russian bombing of Syrian civilians or even against Assad's brutal dictatorship outside the Syrian embassy one has to seriously consider whether these people are actually against war at all.

Their Leaders German and Rees are not pacifists in any shape or from. After being expelled from the far-left Socialist Workers Party they set up the albeit tiny Counterfire organisation which promotes Lenin's violent revolutionary politics.

In yet another mealy mouthed statement they blame the West for daring to allow an independent country like Ukraine to choose who it wishes to ally with and Britain (who have 100 soldiers in country) as warmongering when  The Russia and have lined up 100,000 troops plus thousands of fighting vehicles on the border.

I'm not sure whether to compare these people to Chamberlain or Lord Haw Haw, perhaps they are a bit of both but the StWC is only against the West defending itself and their allies. Russian Imperialism and expansionism is excused along with Iranian aggression. They are not to be trusted.

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